Lives Changed

“My experience in restaurants before hearing aids was really pretty dull. I couldn’t carry on a conversation with my wife directly across the table.

“I simply went there to eat, I could not socialize…”

With the MAXUM I can not only have a conversation with the person directly across the table from me, I can be sitting at a large group table and carry on a conversation with the person at the far end of the table.”

“I know I frustrated my whole family…”

“When I got the MAXUM, the big difference it made, I was able to get a job where I can answer the phone now, I can understand meetings and it has just, not only given me a little more confidence but its given me a little boost.”

“I’ve had over eight hearing aids in the past…”

“I’ve had over eight hearing aids in the past and I’ve tried the most expensive, I’ve tried everything. And most of the time I would wear them in my purse, because I had so much distortion and feedback.”

“Forced me into early retirement…”

“As an educator my philosophy is its all about the kids, so if a child would come to me during lunch period and wanted to tell me something there was no way I could understand what they were saying.”

“Socially I became somewhat withdrawn …”

“People in my life were very frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t hear well. When I would go out to a restaurant, the noise levels were just unbearable.”

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