The only minimally invasive hearing implant.

Implantation Procedure

The MAXUM Hearing Implant System is the world’s only minimally invasive hearing implant. The MAXUM can be implanted in a standard procedure room under local anesthesia. The surgical approach is through the ear canal and does not require stitches. During the procedure, your surgeon will attach the tiny MAXUM implant to the stapes (stirrup) bone in your middle ear. After about 3 weeks, your custom sound processor will be activated and programmed by your audiologist.

While MAXUM implantation is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, it does carry with it risks typical for such surgery.

As with any new hearing device, adaptation is necessary for getting the most out of your MAXUM. A whole world of new sounds–sounds you were missing out on before–can be heard with MAXUM. The brain needs a little time to get accustomed to the expanded range of sounds. As you gain experience with MAXUM, it may be necessary to make programming adjustments. The MAXUM System is fully customizable and can be easily adjusted to optimize your listening experience.

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