What is MAXUM?

The MAXUM System is a revolutionary middle ear implant consisting of a tiny rare-earth magnet implanted on the middle ear bones, and an advanced sound processor worn in the ear canal. The minimally invasive implant procedure can be performed in a procedure room or outpatient clinic under a local anesthetic.

How MAXUM Works

Unlike hearing aids which use a speaker to amplify sounds, MAXUM uses an advanced sound processor which sends electric signals to a transceiver coil. These signals are transferred by electromagnetic energy across the eardrum to the MAXUM implant which causes the ossicles to vibrate, thereby directly stimulating the cochlea (inner ear).

Direct cochlear stimulation provides cleaner, crisper sound quality and more amplification without feedback.

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The MAXUM System

The MAXUM System consists of two components:

  • Implant
  • Integrated Processor and Coil (IPC)


Lives Changed

“It’s (MAXUM) much more effective. Conversations are twice as loud and words are clearer.” – Irving
“My friends can’t believe I can understand them in a restaurant. I’ve never been able to do that…at least not for years.” – Frank
“I have had eight hearing aids and none of them compare to the MAXUM System.” – Judy
“With my hearing aids I learned not to hug my family and friends because of embarrassing feedback and squeal when they got close. Now I’m free to hug my family again” – Mindy
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